While many attorneys specialize in handling car accident claims, semi-truck accidents can take on a whole different type of auto accident law with an entirely unique set of complications. Therefore, these cases often require a lawyer with experience in the area of commercial trucking accidents. Given the size and weight of the average commercial truck on American roadways, truck accident are especially dangerous. If you are involved in an accident with a commercial trucking vehicle, it is especially important to find an auto accident attorney who knows the nuances and the common factors of commercial trucking crashes, incidents, and laws. These factors, which will be discussed below, often include the size of the vehicles in the accident, the training procedures involved in properly operating a trucking vehicle of such magnitude, and the amount of fatigue an operator of one of these commercial vehicles had at the time of the incident.

Sheer Size

The colossal size of commercial semi-trucks sharing the roadway with much smaller, more insubstantial vehicles creates dangerous scenarios where accidents between these two types of vehicles are common. With such a large vehicle, even simple tasks, like properly turning or changing lanes, become difficult and dangerous endeavors. Because of their size, these trucks may need to use more than one lane. Along with these issues, the protruding length of the vehicle can also cause visibility problems with other drivers sharing the road. The blind spot of the truck is larger than an average car, a fact that not all drivers are aware of. This lack of awareness can result in accidents in which the smaller car will almost certainly get the brunt of the damages.

Lack of Training

For all of the above reasons, training is of paramount concern in the trucking industry. Unfortunately, this importance of training is often overlooked, leading to lack of proper maintenance, upkeep, and safety when operating such a large vehicle. Issues like overloading, in which the weight of the truck can blow the tires, neglecting the trucking rules of the road, and operating with faulty equipment can all lead to accidents with devastating impacts.

Driver Fatigue

Legally, truck drivers can be on the road for up to eleven hours at a time. This amount of time combined with the stress of properly operating a large vehicle can result in driver fatigue. There are specific laws regarding how long a commercial truck driver can operate the vehicle on the roadways and how many breaks he or she must take. Any amount of exhaustion will exacerbate other driving problems, possibly leading to a trucking accident. If you have been involved in an accident with a large trucking vehicle, a car accident attorney can help decipher the laws of commercial trucking and take action against any negligence caused by the truck driver remaining on the road for too long.

Common Causes for All Drivers

Even though semi-truck drivers are trained and spend countless hours on the road, they still fall prey to the common driving mistakes that any driver could make, regardless of vehicle. These mistakes could include following a car too closely, reckless lane changes, or forgetting to use the turn signal. Also, one of the most pervasive distractions of this time period, texting, is a scourge of all drivers, including truck drivers. Truck drivers can often make the same mistakes that everyday drivers operating normal cars make. However, with commercial trucks, these mistakes unfortunately lead to far more substantial impacts and devastation.

Therefore, it is important to remember that if you are involved in an accident with a semi-truck, you might be entitled to compensation. For legal advice and representation, contact an auto accident attorney.