Kari P. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"I was very satisfied with how well everything went. All of the staff that I was associated with were all very knowledgeable and kind. I would refer anyone to this law firm."

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Gene L. – Premises

"Thanks to my attorney for all his help in this matter."

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Elijiah C. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"Great Lawyer."

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Terboris B. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"I felt that I was in good hands with attorney Ben Clary. He kept me informed about my case every step of the way. I would definitely refer him to others who could use his service."

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Deborah S. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"To Mr. Blade Thompson, thank you for your continued work on this matter. You have worked untiringly with me and I can speak truly for your kindness, understanding and your steadfast work to clear this case. Thank you and I would highly recommend you to anyone who needs an attorney for any reason. Thanks again. Be Blessed."

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Harrison B. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"I, Harrison B., attest that L. Blade Thompson of Alexander Shunnarah of GA has performed above and beyond in this case. I will recommend L. Blade Thompson to anyone that needs attorney help. Thank you Attorney for a job well done, again thank you!!!"

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Fausat O. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"I would recommend Alexander Shunnarah firm to anyone that needs a lawyer. They did a great job for me and my daughter. I will definitely use them again in the future."

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Pamela K. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"This is my first time dealing with this firm. I was with another attorney at first who gave me the run around for a whole year. I called Alexander Shunnarah firm and got some great results. If I ever have to use a firm again I would definitely use them again."

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David R. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"My lawyer, Blade Thompson, was GREAT talking to me and telling me things about my case. Every time I called he would answer all my questions. He was very helpful and always there when I needed him."

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Dae’-Wangelo P. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"Thanks to Mr. Oaks for what he has done."

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