Beverly M. – Motor Vehicle Accident

“I have had a great experience with (Attorney) Blade Thompson and Alexander Shunnarah & Associates Gulf Coast. A process that could have been very stressful was exactly the opposite. I am more than happy with the outcome of my case.”

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Alfreda B. – Motor Vehicle Accident

“This was my first involvement with a case like this and I really did not know what to expect. I am a bit of a control freak, but (Attorney) Matthew Cochran did a great job finding the correct information pertaining to the case! He kept me informed when it was necessary.”

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Blount Leopards At Nick Saban Football Camp

Nick Saban 707 Camp at University of Alabama; Tuscaloosa, AL

Alexander Shunnarah & Associates is proud to be a sponsor of the Mattie T. Blount High School Leopards football team. We, here at Alexander Shunnarah & Associates, along with Coach Lev Holly and his Coaching Staff are very proud of these Blount Leopard Football players […]

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How to Prepare for an IME: Five Tips For Claimants

Insurers sometimes require IMEs (independent medical examinations) as part of claim processing. This blog digests five key IME tips for insurance claimants.

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Deborah M. – Premises

“It was a pleasure working with the firm.”

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Ernest W. – Motor Vehicle Accident

“(Attorney Blade Thompson) Did a great Job. I could not be happier.”

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Jonathan S. – Motor Vehicle Accident

“Lawrence was very helpful. He answered all of the questions I had throughout this experience.”

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Kappa League Members Spend The Week Helping Out

Alexander Shunnarah & Associates had the privilege of hosting several members from The Elite Chapter of the Mobile Kappa League this week. Founded in 1969, the Kappa League is a program for high school males with a primary focus on educational, occupational and social guidance. The Kappa League focuses on Five Specific Phases:

•Self-Identity – […]

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Steve W. – Motor Vehicle Accident

“The service was great!”

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Alexander Shunnarah Gives Back During Hip Hop Week

Alexander Shunnarah & Associates is a proud sponsor of Alabama Hip Hop Week. We support the efforts of this organization to promote positivity among the community. We were on location during the Friday night Art Walk event in Cathedral Square in Downtown Mobile, AL as AHHW wrapped up it’s 9th annual week-long event. We […]

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Harry B. – Motor Vehicle Accident

“Great dude! Second time and I will come back (to Attorney Damian Zimmerman) if needed!”

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Proving Negligence for Soft Tissue Injury Cases

A soft-tissue injury involves tendons, ligaments, or muscles. A personal injury attorney can assist with proving negligence for this type of damage.

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Willie M. – Motor Vehicle Accident

“Just fine with my case. Best Attorney I’ve ever had. God Bless (Attorney Damian Zimmerman) Thank you for everything. He worked hard for my case, good people to have on your side. I owe them all my life!”

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Alabama Hip Hop Week

Alexander Shunnarah & Associates sponsors the 9th annual Alabama Hip Hop Week in Mobile, AL. The events began July 4, 2016 and will continue through July 10th. AHHW is a weeklong fundraising celebration of Hip Hop culture through a series of events, seminars, performances and networking opportunities held throughout the community.We were on site this past Wednesday, July 6th […]

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Katherine S. – Motor Vehicle Accident

“(Attorney Damian Zimmerman) worked very well with me and my case.”

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