A Brief Guide To Georgia’s Tort Law

Understanding tort in GA equips individuals with the knowledge of when to contact a personal injury attorney and what situations call for legal action.

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Ian Brendel Receives Successful Jury Verdict For Vehicle Accident Client

Ian Brendel – Jury Verdict of $65,000 with soft tissue injuries

Ian Brendel, one of Alexander Shunnarah & Associates “of counsel” attorneys, tried a jury trial in Mobile County Circuit Court on September 14 and September 15, 2016. The jury awarded $65,000 to his client. The case involved an automobile wreck on the ramp leading […]

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The Understanding of Negligence is Critical to Any Personal Injury Case

In personal injury cases, understanding negligence is an essential element in winning your claim. Compensation for your injury can't be properly discussed until the issue of negligence is appropriately tackled and understood by all parties.

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Gary M. – Motor Vehicle Accident

“Thank you for your great customer service!”

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Cole W. – Motor Vehicle Accident

“Blade Thompson did a wonderful job clarifying the case. Will recommend!”

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Two Basic Facts about Your Child’s Personal Injury Case

A personal injury can occur in any sort of fashion. In regards to having a personal injury claim, the injury generally occurs through either intent or negligence on public or private property. Although personal injury law can help any individual seek justice for their injury, the legal standards differ on a case-by-case basis. The […]

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Teen Drinking and Driving in the United States: Statistics You Must See

Underage drinking continues to gnaw away at America’s youth, with about 11 million of those under the legal drinking age of twenty-one consuming alcohol. Nowhere are the consequences of underage alcohol consumption more apparent than on our roadways. The tragic statistics of accidents caused on our nation’s roads and highways due to underage drinking […]

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Elicia S. – Motor Vehicle Accident

“I am pleased to have worked with (Attorney) Blade Thompson and am thankful for his service. I will recommended the firm to anyone who may be of need of an outstanding attorney, such as Mr. Thompson.”

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Why TADRA Means You Should Get an Auto Accident Attorney

Understanding the importance of an auto accident attorney and the effects of TADRA can help you protect you and your family.

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Kala M. – Vehicle Accident

“Russell Johnson was a great attorney. He always answered calls and paid attention to detail. I have enjoyed his services and highly recommend him!”

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