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Medical Malpractice

Gulf Coast Medical Malpractice Lawyer

The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) explains that medical malpractice is the third leading cause of death in the United States, just after heart disease and cancer. And in 2012, medical negligence payouts amounted to more than $3 billion in the US alone—averaging approximately one payout every 43 minutes.

What Is Medical Malpractice?

Medical malpractice cases are often quite complex, and not every unfortunate medical outcome means that malpractice was committed. Medical malpractice, or medical negligence, occurs when your doctor or other health care provider breaches the accepted standard of care and their failure causes the injury or death of the patient. This means that your health care provider acted or failed to act in a way that the wider community of health care providers finds acceptable.

Types of Medical Malpractice

There are many scenarios that fall under the realm of medical negligence, such as misdiagnosis and failure to diagnose, birth injuries, surgical and anesthesia errors, emergency room errors, and others. A failure to diagnose a deadly disease or issuing a misdiagnosis can delay much-needed treatment and reduces the likelihood of a positive outcome, while surgical errors can sometimes lead to debilitating injury and death. Surgery mistakes such as performing the wrong operation, failure to prevent sepsis or infection during or just after surgery, performing surgery without informed consent, and other mistakes are considered medical negligence.

Errors made in the delivery room include the misdiagnosing fetal distress during labor, improper use of forceps or vacuum pumps, postponing a Caesarean section (a C-section), errors when reading fetal monitoring equipment, and other inappropriate actions.

Do I Have a Medical Malpractice Case?

Determining whether or not you have a medical malpractice case is not always easy, and there are many factors to consider beyond the fact that you sustained an injury or suffered an unwanted outcome. For a medical malpractice case to be valid, you need to prove that the doctor or health care provider made a mistake and that that mistake directly resulted in an injury. Additionally, the statute of limitations, which varies from state to state, gives you a limited amount of time to file your case, so if you believe you have one, it is important to pursue it in a timely manner.

Medical malpractice cases require in-depth experience and expertise to be argued successfully, and at Alexander Shunnarah & Associates, we have the talent and the resources to vigorously pursue justice on your behalf. Our attorneys are licensed in multiple states across the Gulf Coast and Georgia, and we are intimately familiar with all the laws, regulations, and statutes that factor into medical malpractice cases in this region. If you believe you are the victim of medical negligence, get in touch with us for a free case evaluation today.


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