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Sexual Abuse and Assault

Sexual abuse is nothing short of devastating, and the stress from it can cause lifelong effects. The attorneys of Alexander Shunnarah & Associates are ready to help victims overcome these traumatic events by seeking proper justice on their behalf. We can help sexual abuse victims hold the abuser (and others involved) responsible for their actions.


In general terms, sexual abuse indicates an undesired sexual encounter. Often times, but not always, the victim may be a child or teen. Sexual abuse can involve any of the following:

  • Being forced to view pornographic photos or videos
  • Taking or distributing inappropriate photos or videos
  • Sexual or inappropriate comments or requests
  • Showing private parts to the victim, or forcing the victim to reveal theirs
  • Making the victim touch one’s private parts, or touching theirs
  • Oral sex of either the victim or the abuser
  • Penetration of either the victim or the abuser

People who are less able to protect themselves against their abuser are often targets. This misuse of power may involve a victim that is smaller in size to the abuser, such as a child, teen, woman, handicapped person, or smaller-framed person. Or other roles of authority, such as a teacher, older family member, boss, or religious leader may be exploited to make victims feel obligated to perpetrator’s demands.


After a person is sexually abused, suffering may continue for years after the events have stopped. Although physical injuries may be involved, the true pain is often much more than that. Mental issues regarding self-worth, trusting others, and sexual health can occur.

If an adult notices signs of sexual abuse it is their duty to take action to protect the victim. This is especially true when the victim is a child.


Sexual assault is a sexual act that happens without the victim’s consent. Sexual assault can involve any of the following:

  • Rape or attempted rape, including sodomy
  • Forced oral sex
  • Child molestation
  • Inappropriate fondling
  • Incest

Victims of these acts are often nervous about reporting the incident(s), but it is their legal right to hold the abuser responsible. An attorney from our firm is ready to help.


If you or someone you hold dear is being affected by sexual abuse, the time to act is NOW. Put a stop to this disturbing crime by getting the support you need. Find justice against sexual abuse by contacting the law office of Alexander Shunnarah & Associates today.

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