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MCPSS Summer Intern Program

Alexander Shunnarah & Associates partners with the pre-law program at John L. LeFlore Magnet High School of Mobile County Public School System, for Summer Internships. Two pre-law students (Hope Miller and Taejour Wright) of Girls in Pumps & Pearls and Guys in Loafers & Ties Mentoring Program, powered by AS & A, […]

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BAR NONE- Hernia Mesh & Other Potentially Harmful Medical Devices

On this episode of BARNone, Jay and Graham cover the topic of Hernias, Hernia Mesh and other medical devices.

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Southern Sports Today Take Two

Returning to the Chuck Oliver show for the second time this season, attorneys Jay Laura and Graham Roberts discuss the legalities surrounding current college football headlines and other sports topics.

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Top 10 Best Attorney in Florida Award

One of the 10 Best in Florida! Congratulations to our Chief Executive Council Attorney For Florida, Damian Zimmerman who was recently named one of the 10 Best Attorneys in Florida by the American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys. This award is based on the nominations of actual personal injury clients and  recognizes exceptional and […]

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Southern Sports Today

Click Southern Sports Today logo to Listen to James Laura and Graham Roberts interview on the Chuck Oliver Show.

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Christopher C. – Motor Vehicle Accident

“I was very happy with Russell Johnson (as my attorney). He really looked out for me, and kept me in good care.”

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Trevor C. – Motor Vehicle Accident

“Did an amazing job for all of my needs”

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Jacky P. – Motor Vehicle Accident

“My Attorney (Joseph Oaks) was great!”

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Robert V. – Motor Vehicle Accident

“Very Helpful! I am thankful and appreciate all of their services”

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Five Mistakes That Can Jeopardize a Workers’ Comp Claim

Don't let a simple mistake cause you to miss out on the money you deserve. Avoid doing these five things that can cost you your workers' comp case.

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Understanding the Difference Between Wrongful Death and Homicide

Differentiating between a homicide charge and a charge of wrongful death can be a confusing issue. In order to fully understand both separate charges, here are a few simple differences between the two.

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Important Updates in the Johnson & Johnson Powder Cancer Case

Recent court rulings prove that Johnson & Johnson baby powder has been linked to cases of ovarian cancer. See if you qualify for a class action lawyer.

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How to Support Someone After Sexual Assault

Although every victim of sexual assault has a different way of coping with the traumatic event, there are similar patterns of healing that can help a victim of sexual assault overcome the anguish caused by such an act. This article will delve into advice that may help comfort a victim of sexual assault by expressing care, empathy, and support for the victim.

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We Are Expanding!

So excited to announce that we are expanding in Florida and Tennessee! Read the full story here Our new offices in Nashville and Ft. Lauderdale are now open and we couldn’t be more thankful to our clients, past and present, for helping us grow and expand into new areas.

Our firm already has a […]

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Trevor C. – Motor Vehicle Accident

“My Attorney, Joseph Oaks, did an amazing job specializing to my needs.”

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Wayne A. – Motor Vehicle Accident

“I received very professional and satisfactory service”

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Sierra B. – Motor Vehicle Accident

“Alexander Shunnarah & Associates worked to the best of their abilities to settle my claim. Though my case was small they never treated it as such. They were professional, timely and answered all of my questions.”

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Joyce N. – Motor Vehicle Accident

“I was injured in an automobile accident and my attorney, John Miner, with the law offices of Alexander Shunnarah & Associates went above and beyond to help me with my case. They were genuinely concerned for my health and pain caused by the accident. The whole office was helpful and kept in contact without […]

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Sarah R. – Motor Vehicle Accident

“I’m very pleased with the way my case has been handled. Very prompt, honest and informative service. I would highly recommend this law firm.”

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Understanding Head Trauma in Auto Accidents

Auto accidents are the second leading cause of traumatic head injuries in America. Learn about the different types of injuries and how an attorney can help you get your life back if you suffer from one of these devastating injuries.

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Ramiro M. – MVA

“My claim was taken care of professionally by my attorney, Blade Thompson. I willingly accept the settlement for my accident. Thank you!”

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2016 Heart Walk

This past Saturday November 12, 2016 the firm partnered as an event sponsor with the American Heart Association for the 2016 Heart Walk in Mobile, AL.  We had plenty of the coveted AS&A swag to give out as well as portion control plates, recipes for healthy snack alternatives, and samples of healthier eating snack […]

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Theresa B. – MVC

“Graham Roberts did a great job!”

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Auto Accident Statutes of Limitation: What Georgia Residents Need to Know

Statutes of Limitations designate deadlines for certain types of claims. Here are some Georgia Statutes of Limitations from an auto accident attorney.

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Alexander Shunnarah Firm Named In Top 100

We recently traveled to South Florida to humbly accept an award that is near and dear to all of our hearts. We have been named to the Top-100 Fastest Growing Law Firms in the Nation list for 2016 – we took the 40th of 100 spots! Our litigation team has become one of the most […]

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Rock The Block Event in Mobile

The team at Alexander Shunnarah & Associates participated as a vendor, this past weekend, for the “Rock the Block Initiative” hosted by A New Day Homebase Christian Ministries. Eric and Valerie Day, along with Rick and Tamika Hesley are the Pastors of this local ministry. The purpose behind such a community involved event, is to inspire and encourage individuals […]

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Sharon V. – MVC

“I will gladly recommend this firm again. In cases communication is the biggest factor in feeling a sense of relief especially after experiencing such severe pain. So with my calls answered every time the assurance let me know I was in great hands with attorney Graham Roberts.”

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Lamont H. – MVC

“Attorney Graham Roberts is a Good Guy! He worked with me (the entire time).”

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Crash, Bam, Boom: How to Avoid Common Bike and Vehicle Collisions

One of the greatest lessons learned in life is the importance of sharing. This lesson becomes especially relevant when it comes to sharing the roadways. When sharing the roads with bicycles and vehicles, many people often ignore the valuable lesson of safely and politely sharing the road. Whether you are a behind the wheel […]

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4 Causes of Commercial Truck Accidents

While many attorneys specialize in handling car accident claims, semi-truck accidents can take on a whole different type of auto accident law with an entirely unique set of complications. Therefore, these cases often require a lawyer with experience in the area of commercial trucking accidents. Given the size and weight of the average commercial […]

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Michelle S. – Motor Vehicle Accident

“Russell Johnson is a great attorney who I would use again!”

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5 Facts About Buckling Up Every Driver Should Know

Whether you’re a passenger up-front riding shotgun in a vehicle, stuck traveling in the backseat of the car, or the driver driving safely down the road, one thing is for certain for all of the people in the vehicle, neglecting to wear a seatbelt while riding in a car is an extremely dangerous activity. […]

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A Brief Guide To Georgia’s Tort Law

Understanding tort in GA equips individuals with the knowledge of when to contact a personal injury attorney and what situations call for legal action.

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Ian Brendel Receives Successful Jury Verdict For Vehicle Accident Client

Ian Brendel – Jury Verdict of $65,000 with soft tissue injuries

Ian Brendel, one of Alexander Shunnarah & Associates “of counsel” attorneys, tried a jury trial in Mobile County Circuit Court on September 14 and September 15, 2016. The jury awarded $65,000 to his client. The case involved an automobile wreck on the ramp leading […]

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The Understanding of Negligence is Critical to Any Personal Injury Case

In personal injury cases, understanding negligence is an essential element in winning your claim. Compensation for your injury can't be properly discussed until the issue of negligence is appropriately tackled and understood by all parties.

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Gary M. – Motor Vehicle Accident

“Thank you for your great customer service!”

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Cole W. – Motor Vehicle Accident

“Blade Thompson did a wonderful job clarifying the case. Will recommend!”

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Two Basic Facts about Your Child’s Personal Injury Case

A personal injury can occur in any sort of fashion. In regards to having a personal injury claim, the injury generally occurs through either intent or negligence on public or private property. Although personal injury law can help any individual seek justice for their injury, the legal standards differ on a case-by-case basis. The […]

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Teen Drinking and Driving in the United States: Statistics You Must See

Underage drinking continues to gnaw away at America’s youth, with about 11 million of those under the legal drinking age of twenty-one consuming alcohol. Nowhere are the consequences of underage alcohol consumption more apparent than on our roadways. The tragic statistics of accidents caused on our nation’s roads and highways due to underage drinking […]

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Elicia S. – Motor Vehicle Accident

“I am pleased to have worked with (Attorney) Blade Thompson and am thankful for his service. I will recommended the firm to anyone who may be of need of an outstanding attorney, such as Mr. Thompson.”

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Why TADRA Means You Should Get an Auto Accident Attorney

Understanding the importance of an auto accident attorney and the effects of TADRA can help you protect you and your family.

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Kala M. – Vehicle Accident

“Russell Johnson was a great attorney. He always answered calls and paid attention to detail. I have enjoyed his services and highly recommend him!”

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We’ve Got Your New Ringtone Ready

If you are looking for some new dance tunes, look no further, we have you covered! These two, creative, musically gifted people have created a song just about us! The video is hilarious and the song catchy, and the clarinet skills are top notch! Check it out! We are hoping to meet Sioux and […]

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Our Own Ian Brendel Co-Counsel In $2.5 Million Verdict

Ian Brendel Featured in the April 2016 Mississippi Jury Verdict Reporter as Co-Trial Counsel in Multi-Million Dollar Jury Verdict

Ian Brendel, one of Alexander Shunnarah & Associates “Of Counsel” attorneys, was co-trial counsel in a case tried to verdict in the 19th Judicial District Court in East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana that resulted in a $2,529,229.00 […]

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Support Your Military

We are proud to be a part of this wonderful coalition of Veterans, Civilians and Active Duty Personnel that SUPPORT EACH OTHER. Download the Military Appreciation App and become part of the Pensacola area movement supporting the over 350,000 LOCAL Veterans and active duty military members. The goal of the app is identify “Military […]

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Relief For Baton Rouge

Our family at Alexander Shunnarah & Associates has teamed up with The Port City Secondliners and Cumulus Broadcasting’s Big Station Ninety-Three BLX to give aid to those residents affected by the flooding in the Baton Rouge area of Louisiana. We began collecting items Wednesday August, 17th and will continue through August. Any items can be […]

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It’s Football Season! Battle of Prichard Recap

Blount High School came out on top this year, 29-20, over Vigor in the Annual Battle of Prichard football rivalry game that took place August 19, 2006. Each year these two neighborhood High Schools fight it out on the football field for bragging rights. Alexander Shunnarah is in our second year as a corporate […]

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A Very Special 12th Birthday

We received a request from a mom telling us her son, Elijah Williams was about to turn 12 and was a HUGE Alexander Shunnarah & Associates fan. So, of course we wanted to do something very special for him! We, along with Eli’s mom, planned a surprise care package to arrive in North Carolina, […]

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Our Own Damian Zimmerman Is Famous

If you live in, or are visiting, the Pensacola area anytime soon, stop and pick up your copy of 850 magazine. Northwest Florida’s business magazine. Flip to page 58 and there you will see him, looking so debonair and sophisticated, our very own Damian Zimmerman. Click here to see the magazine page he is […]

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Latoya H. – Motor Vehicle Accident

“Service was great, (Attorney) Joseph Oaks was kind & helpful. I will recommend!”

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Jonathan S. – Motor Vehicle Accident

“(Attorney) Lawrence Obin was very helpful. He answered all of my questions I had throughout my experience.”

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Dennis R. – Motor Vehicle Accident

“Great Service!”

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Ghavin J. – Motor Vehicle Accident

“Thank you for helping with my claim, everyone was extremely easy to work with.”

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Kathy K. – Motor Vehicle Accident

“I will use and recommend the services of Alexander Shunnarah & Associates again.”

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Allisia K. – Motor Vehicle Accident

“I will definitely use Alexander Shunnarah & Associates again. I was satisfied with Attorney Joseph Oaks who handled my case.”

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Mary Anne K. – Motor Vehicle Accident

“I am very satisfied with the Alexander Shunnarah & Associates law firm. I will use them again!”

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Princess K. – Motor Vehicle Accident

“Very satisfied with the service. Attorney Joseph Oaks was very professional. I will recommend Alexander Shunnarah & Associates to my friends and family.”

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Ashlee C. – Motor Vehicle Accident

“Alexander Shunnarah & Associates handled everything completely and quickly. Their services are greatly appreciated.”

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Richard E. – Motor Vehicle Accident

“Attorney Matt Cochran has gone above and beyond in advocating for me, answering my questions, and responding quickly to my inquiries.”

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Angela J. – Motor Vehicle Accident

“Thank you so much!”

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Dewayne C. – Premises

“I, Dewayne Campbell, received great service doing business with Attorney Graham Roberts and Alexander Shunnarah & Associates. <y case was handled in a timely and professional manner. Thanks to Graham Roberts and Ben Clary.”

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Leon J. – Premises

“I appreciate the service I received from attorney Brian Connors. The most affluent lawyers in Panama City did not want to handle my case. I was ready to give up, but my wife called Alexander Shunnarah. They were very professional and considerate about handling my case. Everything they said they would do, they followed […]

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Rickie M. – Premises

“I was very satisfied with the service provided by Attorney Brian Connors.”

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Casey S. – Liability

“Attorney was great! Very satisfied with Mr. Connors work, I would definitely recommend him to anyone!”

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Florida Is On Fire…Bring On The Rain

For the Second month in a row, our Pensacola, FL office is bringing down the house! Congrats to Florida Attorney, Lawrence Obin II and team for winning the June Rainmaker award. Our Florida team has offices throughout the Florida Panhandle and specializes in motor vehicle accident cases and personal injury. We are so proud […]

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Damian Keeps It Raining In Florida

Congrats to Florida Attorney, Damian Zimmerman and team! Damian is taking home our May Rainmaker award for top honors the month of May. Our Florida team has offices throughout the Florida Panhandle and specializes in motor vehicle accident cases and personal injury. We are so proud of all their hard work and dedication. Great […]

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AS&A Supports Rightway Christian Center Back-To-School Drive

Alexander Shunnarah & Associates was overjoyed to partner with Rightway Christian Center. We donated book bags to ensure that our youth are sent back to school the Right Way and prepared for greatness! For more information on Rightway visit their website.

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Alexander Shunnarah & Associates Teams With MAMGA To Support Schools

Alexander Shunnarah & Associates teamed up with MAMGA (Mobile Area Mardi Gras Association) to sponsor the 2nd Annual Back to School Drive, donating book bags and other needed school supplies to local school children to ensure our youth go to school prepared for greatness! We had a wonderful time helping arm these children with […]

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Cynthia P. – Premises

“It has been a pleasure having been represented by Attorney Graham Roberts.”

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Beverly M. – Motor Vehicle Accident

“I have had a great experience with (Attorney) Blade Thompson and Alexander Shunnarah & Associates Gulf Coast. A process that could have been very stressful was exactly the opposite. I am more than happy with the outcome of my case.”

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Alfreda B. – Motor Vehicle Accident

“This was my first involvement with a case like this and I really did not know what to expect. I am a bit of a control freak, but (Attorney) Matthew Cochran did a great job finding the correct information pertaining to the case! He kept me informed when it was necessary.”

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Blount Leopards At Nick Saban Football Camp

Nick Saban 707 Camp at University of Alabama; Tuscaloosa, AL

Alexander Shunnarah & Associates is proud to be a sponsor of the Mattie T. Blount High School Leopards football team. We, here at Alexander Shunnarah & Associates, along with Coach Lev Holly and his Coaching Staff are very proud of these Blount Leopard Football players […]

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How to Prepare for an IME: Five Tips For Claimants

Insurers sometimes require IMEs (independent medical examinations) as part of claim processing. This blog digests five key IME tips for insurance claimants.

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Deborah M. – Premises

“It was a pleasure working with the firm.”

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Ernest W. – Motor Vehicle Accident

“(Attorney Blade Thompson) Did a great Job. I could not be happier.”

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Jonathan S. – Motor Vehicle Accident

“Lawrence was very helpful. He answered all of the questions I had throughout this experience.”

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Kappa League Members Spend The Week Helping Out

Alexander Shunnarah & Associates had the privilege of hosting several members from The Elite Chapter of the Mobile Kappa League this week. Founded in 1969, the Kappa League is a program for high school males with a primary focus on educational, occupational and social guidance. The Kappa League focuses on Five Specific Phases:

•Self-Identity – […]

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Steve W. – Motor Vehicle Accident

“The service was great!”

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Alexander Shunnarah Gives Back During Hip Hop Week

Alexander Shunnarah & Associates is a proud sponsor of Alabama Hip Hop Week. We support the efforts of this organization to promote positivity among the community. We were on location during the Friday night Art Walk event in Cathedral Square in Downtown Mobile, AL as AHHW wrapped up it’s 9th annual week-long event. We […]

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Harry B. – Motor Vehicle Accident

“Great dude! Second time and I will come back (to Attorney Damian Zimmerman) if needed!”

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Proving Negligence for Soft Tissue Injury Cases

A soft-tissue injury involves tendons, ligaments, or muscles. A personal injury attorney can assist with proving negligence for this type of damage.

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Willie M. – Motor Vehicle Accident

“Just fine with my case. Best Attorney I’ve ever had. God Bless (Attorney Damian Zimmerman) Thank you for everything. He worked hard for my case, good people to have on your side. I owe them all my life!”

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Alabama Hip Hop Week

Alexander Shunnarah & Associates sponsors the 9th annual Alabama Hip Hop Week in Mobile, AL. The events began July 4, 2016 and will continue through July 10th. AHHW is a weeklong fundraising celebration of Hip Hop culture through a series of events, seminars, performances and networking opportunities held throughout the community.We were on site this past Wednesday, July 6th […]

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Katherine S. – Motor Vehicle Accident

“(Attorney Damian Zimmerman) worked very well with me and my case.”

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Coming Soon To Highways Near You

Get excited for even more chances to play the “How many Shunnarah billboards can you spot game” We are excited to share with you the latest billboards that will be added throughout Alabama. We can’t wait to see them go up! We look forward to more memes and posts on the Alexander Shunnarah Billboards […]

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Antonia M. – Motor Vehicle Accident

“Blade is amazing, he made the process dealing with all of my issues simple. He explained everything up front and during the process. I can’t thank him enough for everything.”

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Treyvius C. – Motor vehicle Accident

“I want to thank Attorney Graham Roberts for representing me in this matter, I was pleased with your service and I would use your services again if ever needed.”

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Shunnarah Sponsors Young Tennis Stars

Alexander Shunnarah & Associates sponsored 20 students this summer so they could attend The Lyons Park Tennis Camp in Mobile, AL. The Lyons Park Tennis Camp began in the 1970’s, started by Mr. James Bivens. Since the 1980’s, the program has been a source for young people ages 6-18 to help develop their tennis […]

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Shunnarah Billboard Facebook Creator Meets Shunnarah!

If you have yet to “Like” the Alexander Shunnarah Billboards Facebook page, you’re missing out on what 8,000 followers have already discovered, “hilarious” viral video content, original memes and ‘Narah photos that anyone from the state of Alabama, or anyone who has even driven through, can appreciate.

Check out the Facebook page HERE.

And to hear […]

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John J. – Premises

“I, Mr. John J., thank Alexander Shunnarah for the outstanding work they have done for me on this case. I really think that their law firm is the best in the world. Again, I thank Mr. Matthew Cochran, and all the rest for their experience in handling all the paperwork. Thanks.”

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Kanisha P. – Motor Vehicle Accident

“Thank you for your services. I will recommend your services.”

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Juralex Video Getting Everyone’s Attention

We’re happy to see how much fun everyone is having with this video and they have our full support to continue to share. Kudos to the video Producer for her creativity!

Check out an Alabama radio station talking about our Juralex Video! Click here.

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What Is Georgia’s “Full Value of Life” Clause?

Understand Georgia's "full value of life" clause under the wrongful death law. A wrongful death attorney can assist in further interpreting the law.

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Shunnarah Billboards Survive Extinction

Recently, an unexpected Alabama roadtrip proves to be more astounding than a dinosaur theme park. Paleontologists amazed to discover the lost world of Shunnarah billboards. Don’t expect these to become extinct any time soon!

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Alfonzo B. – Motor Vehicle Accident

“Attorney Ryan Rucker was very helpful and hard working when it came time to settle my case.”

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Kayla J. – Motor Vehicle Accident

“Love the service. Very fast, reliable and always there to answer any questions or concerns.”

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Lundi Gras King & Queen

Mobile City Council recognizes Lundi Gras King & Queen, James T. Laura Jr. and Marley Goolsby, as as part of this year’s “Order of the Doves” royalty. We love being part of this fabulous-looking crew! Congrats to all the participants.

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Russell Johnson Hosts Young Lawyers Party!

Attorney Russell Johnson chosen to host May’s ‘Young Lawyers Party’ through the Young Lawyers Association. This monthly event gives fellow attorneys the chance to meet and share ideas to grow their network of support in the community. At Alexander Shunnarah & Associates we advocate for strong industry connections, looking to support like-minded attorneys and […]

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Eleina T. – Motor Vehicle Accident

“I think y’all did great. It took me this long because I had other personal serious issues that I had to focus on. But y’all are fantastic and quick. You guys rock 🙂 Thanks so much for everything!”

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Jasmine E. – Motor Vehicle Accident

“Lawrence was a great attorney from the beginning to the end. I highly appreciate him.”

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Barry R. – BP Fishing Claim

“I am very pleased with the way my claim was handled and I thank you all very much.”

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State Restrictions on Cell Phone Use While Driving

Cell phone usage is one of the leading causes of car accidents. Consequently, talking and texting while driving are traffic violations in most U.S. states.

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And the March Rainmaker Award Goes to….

Anthony Shunnarah and Team Receive March Rainmaker Award

Mr. Anthony S. Shunnarah, along with Adrienne Todd and case manager Rose Wilson, take home March’s Rainmaker award! Quite a feat for this team who is responsible not only for fighting cases but reviewing all incoming leads on a daily basis. Despite this often overwhelming workload, Antony […]

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James T. Laura Jr., Guest on “Joy in our Town”

What to do in an Auto Accident
Have you ever wondered what to do after an accident? Who to call? What questions to ask the insurance companies? What you should or shouldn’t say? Managing partner, James T. Laura, sits down with Lorenzo Martin to talk about all these things. What the 25-minute segment below and […]

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Blount at Track & Field State Championships!

Blount High School met at the AHSAA Track & Field State Championships in Gulf Shores this past weekend and they brought nothing but their best. Blount High School won Mobile county champions for the first since 2001! And that’s not all… The boys showed maximum effort and their hard work paid off. Don’t take […]

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Charles B. – Motor Vehicle Accident

“Lawyer did a great job, very fast. I will refer to anyone.”

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Lanie F. – Motor Vehicle Accident

“Damian, Jeb and Dominick were fantastic. Forthcoming with all the facts and process of cases such as mine and what to expect. I would’ve appreciated periodic updates however, they always answered and were wonderfully helpful with all my questions and issues when I called to follow-up.”

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Vonchea B. – Motor Vehicle Accident

“The Pensacola team has been fantabulous! Would use again if need to. Great job!”

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You Might Be In ‘Bama If…

Look what we found trending on social media this week! If you’re a resident, or have driven through, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida or Georgia, then you know we here at Alexander Shunnarah & Associates love our billboards. With more than 8 offices in four different states, we want you to know we are here for […]

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How and Why Laws Differ Between The States

Because they are separate sovereigns, all U.S. states can make their own laws. Extensive knowledge of these differences is required to prevent conflicts.

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Shunnarah Presents at Largest World-wide Mass Tort Conference

Vegas had more than just blackjack table games going on last week. Our firm partners, Alexander Shunnarah and James T. Laura, Jr. flew out for the bi-annual Mass Torts Made Perfect Conference. What is Mass Torts Made Perfect? The world’s largest plaintiff mass tort event with over 800 participants, from more than 250 law […]

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Mary A. – Motor Vehicle Accident

“Thank you very, very much for helping me.”

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Take the Right Steps for Pedestrian Safety

Walking is not only great for the environment; it’s also great for your health. Even so, it is important to keep pedestrian safety in mind. Statistics show that pedestrians are 32 times more likely to be killed in motor vehicle accidents than are car occupants, and pedestrian fatalities in the State of Georgia are […]

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James T. Laura Jr. Featured on Last Week’s Sully Show

James T. Laura Jr., drops in on Sully in Atlanta, GA last week to talk legal. From talcum powder to Erin Andrews, Sully and Jay chat about ongoing mass tort cases, how to stay out of trouble gambling, plus some Q&A from Sully Show listeners. Check out the entire interview here:

To learn more about […]

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Mississippi is Bringin’ the Heat!

Congrats to Mississippi Attorney, Emily Fertig and team! Emily is taking home our February Rainmaker award for winning more than $250,000 in case settlements for her clients throughout the month. Our Mississippi team is based out of Gulfport, Mississippi and specializes in motor vehicle accident cases. We are so proud of all their hard […]

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Zhabrina T. – Motor Vehicle Accident

“I feel that you guys did a good job with my settlement and it did not take as long as I thought. I would like to say thank you for all your hard work and I really do appreciate it.”

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Cenderal L. – Motor Vehicle Accident

“Mr. Rucker, from day one, always made sure that I was informed on any changes, gave me accurate information, returned calls, and never made me feel like I was just his client. He actually showed he cared, so I want to say THANK YOU!! For all you have done and I’m not saying goodbye, […]

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Makesha J. – Motor Vehicle Accident

“I was very satisfied with my representation. Ryan Rucker and the Alexander Shunnarah & Associates firm, were very attentive and professional.”

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Cathy K. – Motor Vehicle Accident

“Since the accident things have been really crazy and confusing. I was so glad that Mr. Jeb and Mr. Zimmerman were there for me. I had so many questions and Jeb we so helpful and polite. Thank you!!!”

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Donta L. – Motor Vehicle Accident

“I enjoyed my experience with Mr. Oaks. Thank you.”

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Sheniqua J. – Motor Vehicle Accident

“Thanks for all your hard work.”

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DUI Penalties in Florida and Georgia: Know the Facts

Florida and Georgia have some of the strictest DUI laws and penalties for drunk driving in the nation. Find out what you stand to lose if prosecuted.

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Blount Track Takes on the Southeast

Blount school track team met in Atlanta for the regional track competition this past Saturday. Athletes competed for best in the Southeast. Very proud of all who participated and happy to be able to sponsor the team. Congrats Blount runners.

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Spring Fling 2016

Another successful year at Spring Fling 2016! Good times had by all who came out to Ladd Peebles Stadium this past Saturday to enjoy music, food and soak but that beautiful weather. Alexander Shunnarah & Associates was a proud partner of the event for the second year running. We’re including some highlights from the […]

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Deadly Vehicle Recalls to Be Aware Of

When you are driving your car, the last thing you expect is for it to endanger you and your passengers in a moment’s notice without warning. Recent vehicle recalls, however, show that many of today’s popular automobiles are doing just that. From faulty tires to cars succumbing to spontaneous combustion, there are reasons all […]

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Sandra C. – Motor Vehicle Accident

“Great job! Very friendly people!”

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Denise L. – Motor Vehicle Accident

“Just want to say I’m grateful for all your hard work and help on my case. Could not have done it without you. Thanks.”

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James T. Laura Jr. – Featured Keynote Speaker

Managing partner of Alexander Shunnarah & Associates will be the keynote speaker at this year’s Gulf Coast YP Summit! The Alabama Young Professionals Summit Series is Alabama’s largest and most substantial gathering of the Millennial generation statewide. This event offers career and professional development, and resources to help Millennials solve problems in their […]

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Efficient Handling of Uber Auto Accident Claims

Uber is quickly changing the way travel happens. More than 160,000 people drive for Uber, and over one billion rides have been taken in 400 cities nationwide. It’s an average of one million rides a day, with 50,000 new drivers added monthly. With those numbers, it is easy to understand why Uber auto accident claims are on the rise. When hurt in any accident, it is imperative that you hire a car accident attorney quickly. And with Uber accidents, the help of a highly trained team is needed to navigate the muddy waters of dealing with such a large company.

Seeking Help

When dealing with Uber, it is often difficult to get a hold of the company directly. Uber does business on an app-based server, using independent contractors as opposed to employees. Further, they define themselves as a technology provider, not a transportation company, which further removes the company from any fallout related to Uber auto accident claims. The attorneys at Alexander Shunnarah & Associates understand the intricate details of accidents and injuries in which Uber is involved. They work with each case independently to ensure that clients are able to receive the full extent of compensation. Uber may be notoriously difficult to communicate with from a victim's perspective, but an auto accident attorney often has better access to the company than the general public does. Usually, those involved in an accident with an Uber driver are entitled to compensation from both the company and the independent contractor’s personal auto insurance. Without the proper representation, clients could miss out on a large compensation claim or be left completely in the dark trying to deal with Uber themselves.

Working the Steps

At the end of the day, Uber auto accident claims start very similarly to any other auto accident. Work through the following steps to get started, and request help from a car accident attorney quickly and efficiently. - Stay at the scene and make sure to check on all of the passengers or drivers involved to ensure safety. - Obtain help from local authorities and keep all reports. - Complete a through exchange of information and jot down all license plate numbers to allow for further verification by investigators at a later date, if needed. - Take pictures and seek medical attention. It is extremely important that a complete record of care and damages are given. - Contact your insurance company and speak with your attorney. Do not try to handle Uber auto accident claims on your own. Work with a trusted auto accident attorney to get the legal representation you need to seek the compensation you deserve.  

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Shunnarah Featured in The Trial Lawyer Magazine

Alexander Shunnarah makes the cut for the 2016 winter edition of the Trial Lawyer Magazine. Read highlights on the Birmingham Business Journal's site here. With distribution of 75,00 to leading industry professionals, Alexander Shunnarah is crowned the "Master of Marketing."

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Chianti M. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"My experience with Alexander Shunnarah & Associates was the best!I have never had to deal with lawyers on any level and this made my experience extremely pleasant. My attorney, Graham Roberts and his lead assistant Fred Haar, are the best. They handled everything. Any questions I had, they answered right away. They ran everything and always recommended the best for me. Thank you for the great work!"

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Herbert H. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"I was very pleased with the service and the way my case was handled, and I would very much recommend your office to my family and friends. Thank you for your time and service."

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Freddie S. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"Very good job!"

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Damion H. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"My family and I are very satisfied with the service of the law firm Alexander Shunnarah. We had the best attorney, Mr. Blade Thompson. He did all he could for my son, Damion and my family. He made sure everything was in our best interest and he also made sure everyone was better from the injuries."

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Pensacola Relief Effort

The Pensacola attorney's and Ninety-Three Blx teamed up with the Pensacola Relief Effort this past Saturday, February 27th, and collected disaster relief items for those who were impacted by the weather on Tuesday. Our collective support afforded so many families a glimmer of hope knowing that people care enough to help make their situation better. Thank you to all who came out and showed their support!

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Shunnarah Visits WAOK’s Derrick Boazman in Atlanta

A successful visit to Derrick Boazman's show in Atlanta, GA left his WAOK listeners very happy. Managing Partner, James T. Laura, Jr. stopped in to share some helpful legal advice and answer questions from the community. We were overjoyed to hear one of the callers, Ms. Brenda, called back to discuss her positive experience on-air.

Listen to the call below.

Thank you to Derrick for opening up his airwaves and giving us the chance to connect locally. At Alexander Shunnarah & Associates, a legal case review is always free of charge. Please submit questions anytime to our online contact form or give us a call today! shunnarah team in atlanta For anyone in the greater Atlanta area, we encourage you to check out Derrick's show, Too Much Truth, broadcasting weekdays from 4pm-7pm. Click here to get more info. Derrick Boazman

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Dominique C. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"Thank you all for everything that you did for me. The experience with you handling my case has been great and informative. Again, thank you for going beyond to get me a fair settlement."

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Donald D. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"You did a great job getting a settlement fast."

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What to Do in Case of a Catastrophic Injury

Catastrophic injuries are life-changing events. They can happen during the course of regular life, or they can be the result of a crime, a large-scale accident, or a workplace injury. Often, the results of these injuries do much more than cause pain to the one injured. The residual effects of a catastrophic injury can change the course of the lives of loved ones, as they are left to handle the issues that result due to needed care. A personal injury attorney can help those injured in a traumatic event work through all of the issues associated with their injury and negotiate the compensation needed to maintain a high level of care throughout life.

Steps to Take

Catastrophic injuries often involve the head and spine. These injuries are debilitating and costly, with far-reaching consequences. Lifelong cost of care for those suffering from traumatic brain injury or spinal cord injury can easily approach the million-dollar mark. This care goes long past hospitalization and can include rehabilitation services and the use of specialized medical equipment, medication or devices, as well as home or vehicle modifications and caregiving allowances.

Future health care costs are difficult to argue in these cases. Without the help of personal injury law firms, those injured, as well as their families, are left to suffer without the needed funds for care. Insurance companies are eager to settle these cases because large lump sums seem inviting to families who are experiencing the realities of high levels of care. These sums, however, are most likely far below what will be needed to maintain quality of life for a patient who has undergone a traumatic injury and event.

Working with a Lawyer

Personal injury cases require meticulous documentation and the help of a compassionate personal injury attorney. Alexander Shunnarah & Associates has worked with a number of people involved in catastrophic injury cases. Our law office knows that the legal aspects of the case are often put on the back burner by family members who are working for a health care solution and looking only at immediate needs.

With the help of an Alexander Shunnarah & Associates personal injury attorney, your claim will receive the attention and compensation needed to move forward with the least amount of interruptions. Call today learn more.

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Michelle M. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"Blade is a very good lawyer and I will use him again and refer anyone else to him. Thank you Blade, you really helped me."

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Charles H. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"Good work"

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Damian is Making it Rain!

Rainmaker Award

Damian Zimmerman & Team

A big shout out to our Florida attorney Damian Zimmerman and his rock star team, Dominick Zambrano and William “Jeb” Maynard from our Pensacola office. Damian's team secured just under $400,000 in personal injury settlements for our clients in the month of December AND $250,000 during the month of January 2016! All of us at Alexander Shunnarah & Associates are so proud of the efforts from Damian and his team, demonstrating their ongoing dedication to our clients and justice. Congratulations Damian, Dominick and Jeb, it is always great to see your team in action.

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Edward W. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"I don't know what I would have done if not for Matthew Cochran and Alexander Shunnarah & Associates. I could not get anything settled until they got involved and my experience with them has been outstanding. Thank you Matt for everything. I highly recommend them for anyone, you won't regret it!"

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Sherell K. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"Working with Ryan Rucker and the Alexander Shunnarah law firm has been a great experience. Mr. Rucker always kept me up to date and explained everything so thoroughly. He assured me from the beginning that he would take care of everything and he did. My phone calls were always returned promptly and with great concern. I would recommend Ryan Rucker and the Alexander Shunnarah law firm to anyone seeking help in injury cases."

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Lorraine S. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"I am glad I chose Alexander Shunnarah & Associates to represent me after having a car accident."

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Detra S. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"I recommend the Alexander Shunnarah lawyers and attorneys. Great services."

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Korey M. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"I am totally satisfied with the service of this law firm."

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Welcome to Jamaica – A Mardi Gras Caribbean Experience

Our very own James T. Laura is crowned King of the 2016 Order of the Doves society. Joined by this year's Queen Marley Goolsby, the society float will parade in downtown Mobile today for Lundi Gras! The parade kicks off at 6:30pm on route F with the Infant Mystics. If you're joining this year's festivities you can find the full line-up and schedule of events here. For those who don't know, the Order of the Doves is unlike most traditional societies in that membership is open to men and women from all races in an effort to promote and celebrate cultural diversity. The King and Queen are selected each year based on local community involvement, making us at Alexander Shunnarah & Associates feel especially honored to lead this year's parade. To read more about the Order of the Doves, and our very own James T. Laura and Marley Goolsby, you can find the Lagniappe feature story here. Congrats and thank you to all those participating in this year's events.

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Brittany D. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"I, Brittany D., thank Mr. Blade for the work he has done to help me with my case. I would highly recommend his services to anyone that I know will need it. Also, I wanna thank him for taking the time out to deal with my case."

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James C. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"My attorney, Ryan Rucker, was very helpful, informative, and critical during the course of my case. Thank you for all of your help in my recovery and my case."

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Shatonya N. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"Blade represented my son and I. He is very hands on and knowledgeable of the different laws. Blade always called just to see how we were doing. Blade became more than an attorney, he became part of our family. I never met a caring attorney like Blade. He also has our best interests at heart. I am glad I chose Blade as our attorney."

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Cynthia F. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"Blade Thompson represented me in an accident I was involved in and he takes and makes calls on the weekends, etc. I was also very pleased he did not drag the case out. I would recommend his services to anyone."

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Justyse S. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"I was pleased with my service. It took awhile but overall they worked with me. Thank you."

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Samuel L. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"Although we weren't with this group for long, the time we spent with them was pleasant considering the length of time it had been since the accident. I have yet to determine what took the other guy so long. All's good."

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Jennifer S. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"Thanks to the team for all your work on my case. Great people, always there for any of my questions. I will recommend Alexander Shunnarah to my friends and family. Thanks."

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Gloria A. – Premises

"I thank you Mr. Oaks for everything you have done. I just wanted what was right. I feel like you have worked hard on this case."

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Stephanie W. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"I, Stephanie, appreciate doing business with Alexander Shunnarah. They were very respectful throughout the situation and made sure I got my medical treatment as needed."

By |January 8th, 2016|Testimonial|0 Comments

Tracey E. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"This firm has done everything possible to help me in my situation and I would like to thank everyone that showed interest, also to Joseph who did an outstanding job."

By |January 8th, 2016|Testimonial|0 Comments

Justin L. – Automobile Wreck with Injuries

"Great J.O.B. and a great guy ♥ :-) !!"

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Steven B. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"I was very satisfied with this law firm for taking my case and doing the job as fast as they did. I will be using them in the future if I ever need them again."

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Steven M. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"Good choice. Attorney's office stays in touch with you to keep you updated. Settlement was fair."

By |December 23rd, 2015|Testimonial|0 Comments

Richard V. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"I feel like you guys did an excellent job. You kept me informed as things progressed. You were there when I needed you or had questions. I highly recommend you guys to other people."

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Kaylee B. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"My experience with Alexander Shunnarah was satisfying. I am highly impressed with how quick and efficient my case has been. I would definitely recommend Alexander Shunnarah and will use him again if needed."

By |December 16th, 2015|Testimonial|0 Comments

Summer M. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"It was a great experience. They kept me updated on everything and got me my money fast."

By |December 16th, 2015|Testimonial|0 Comments

Kelsey Y. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"Overall my experience was great. He kept in touch with the basis of my case for me."

By |December 7th, 2015|Testimonial|0 Comments

Jessica V. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"Overall my experience with the law firm was exceptional. Damian Zimmerman and Dominick Zambrano went above and beyond my expectations. I would strongly recommend to any of my friends, would also go to them again if I am ever in need of legal representation."

By |December 4th, 2015|Testimonial|0 Comments

Bertha W. – Premises

"Damian did a great job. I love the service that I got. Good Job!!!"

By |December 4th, 2015|Testimonial|0 Comments

Pamela M. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"I would like to thank Blade for all the hard work he put into my claim and helping me on a daily basis, to ask questions and always return my phone calls in a timely manner. He has done a super job. Thanks for all the help."

By |December 3rd, 2015|Testimonial|0 Comments

Kari P. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"I was very satisfied with how well everything went. All of the staff that I was associated with were all very knowledgeable and kind. I would refer anyone to this law firm."

By |November 24th, 2015|Testimonial|0 Comments

Gene L. – Premises

"Thanks to my attorney for all his help in this matter."

By |November 24th, 2015|Testimonial|0 Comments

Elijiah C. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"Great Lawyer."

By |November 24th, 2015|Testimonial|0 Comments

Terboris B. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"I felt that I was in good hands with attorney Ben Clary. He kept me informed about my case every step of the way. I would definitely refer him to others who could use his service."

By |November 18th, 2015|Testimonial|0 Comments

Deborah S. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"To Mr. Blade Thompson, thank you for your continued work on this matter. You have worked untiringly with me and I can speak truly for your kindness, understanding and your steadfast work to clear this case. Thank you and I would highly recommend you to anyone who needs an attorney for any reason. Thanks again. Be Blessed."

By |November 18th, 2015|Testimonial|0 Comments

Harrison B. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"I, Harrison B., attest that L. Blade Thompson of Alexander Shunnarah of GA has performed above and beyond in this case. I will recommend L. Blade Thompson to anyone that needs attorney help. Thank you Attorney for a job well done, again thank you!!!"

By |November 18th, 2015|Testimonial|0 Comments

Fausat O. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"I would recommend Alexander Shunnarah firm to anyone that needs a lawyer. They did a great job for me and my daughter. I will definitely use them again in the future."

By |November 11th, 2015|Testimonial|0 Comments

Pamela K. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"This is my first time dealing with this firm. I was with another attorney at first who gave me the run around for a whole year. I called Alexander Shunnarah firm and got some great results. If I ever have to use a firm again I would definitely use them again."

By |November 10th, 2015|Testimonial|0 Comments

David R. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"My lawyer, Blade Thompson, was GREAT talking to me and telling me things about my case. Every time I called he would answer all my questions. He was very helpful and always there when I needed him."

By |November 10th, 2015|Testimonial|0 Comments

Dae’-Wangelo P. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"Thanks to Mr. Oaks for what he has done."

By |November 2nd, 2015|Testimonial|0 Comments

Travis B. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"Alexander Shunnarah group is a great law firm. Throughout the process I was kept well informed as to what was going on. My attorney, Blade Thompson, was prompt and aggressive with the case. Everyone I talked to was friendly and very helpful. Never went more than a day to get my call returned. I am very happy with the firm and WILL recommend to others. I will also keep the contact info just in case I ever need legal advice or need consultation."

By |October 27th, 2015|Testimonial|0 Comments

Patricia K. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"It has been a pleasure working with Alexander Shunnarah Gulf Coast Law Firm."

By |October 21st, 2015|Testimonial|0 Comments

Jessi F. – Premises Liability Accident

"You guys are the best and I will be sure to spread this firm's name nationwide. You're awesome."

By |October 21st, 2015|Testimonial|0 Comments

Tommie C. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"Was long and tiring some but Alexander Shunnarah got me." Russ-testimonial-for-Web

By |October 15th, 2015|Testimonial|0 Comments

Angela D. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"I was treated fairly the whole time dealing with the attorney. Everything was fair and in reasonable timing."

By |October 14th, 2015|Testimonial|0 Comments

Amber M. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"I am pleased with the services rendered by John Miner and Alexander Shunnarah Gulf Coast. They answered my questions and processed my claim quickly."

By |October 14th, 2015|Testimonial|0 Comments

Emmit G. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"They are a good firm. I will use you every time and refer anyone to you. Thanks for your cooperation."

By |October 14th, 2015|Testimonial|0 Comments

Starlia G. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"Very nice and understanding. I feel I chose the right firm. Very good job."

By |October 13th, 2015|Testimonial|0 Comments

Rachel K. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"Prompt service and very professional."

By |October 9th, 2015|Testimonial|0 Comments

Katrina L. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"Mr. Oaks kept me informed on the progress of my claim. I would recommend him and the firm to my associates in the future."

By |October 9th, 2015|Testimonial|0 Comments

Larry D. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"The attorney was wonderful. Always available for questions. Did a very thorough job and took care of all my medical needs first."

By |October 6th, 2015|Testimonial|0 Comments

Scholastic Athlete of the Week

Alexander Shunnarah & Associates along with UTV 44 present the Scholastic Athlete of the Week award. Each week we will award a scholarship to a athlete that shows talent on the field and in the classroom. Check out our winners below! Week #6 - 9.25.15 Who: Collins Woods Where: Mattie T. Blount This week Collins Woods from Mattie T. Blount High School is one of our winners. Congratulations to Collins. Tune in to UTV 44 during the Game of the Week on Friday Night. Click here.

Week #6 - 9.25.15 Who: Scotty Megginson Where: McGill Toolen Catholic Congratulations to Scotty from McGill Toolen Catholic as one of the Scholastic Athlete of the Week winners. Tune in to UTV 44 during the Game of the Week on Friday Night. You can read more about Scotty and Collins here.

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Shunnarah Runs SEMPER FI 5k Charity

The 32 annual Semper Fi Charity Run took place in downtown Pensacola this past weekend attended by three of our very own - Attorney Joseph Oaks, CFO William Stebbins and Legal Assistant Dominick Zambrano. Proud to see our team supporting the local community and a good cause. Congrats to all who came out and participated in the race! Started in 1983, the original charity race was organized with the goal of helping families of the 241 American service members killed in the bombing attack on the Marine barracks in Beirut. Today, the purpose of the race is to give back to the Pensacola community that so willingly supports Marine training. All proceeds go directly to local outreach programs. Read more about the event here.   semper fi charity run map   11224623_798088236975232_3397755197708315061_n

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Shunnarah Celebrates Mexican Independence Day in ATL

Live music, food vendors, game booths and an iPad giveaway...what better way to celebrate Mexican Independence day than at Atlanta's Plaza Fiesta celebration this past weekend. The Alexander Shunnarah team was proud to be there to join in the festivities as well as distribute informational grab bags and even award one lucky winner a brand new iPad. Check out some of our favorite pics from last weekend's event below and Feliz Dia de la Independencia de Mexico !!! Atlanta Mexican Independence Day Mexican Independence Day Performers in Atlanta Shunnarah iPad Winner Dogs Relaxing Atlanta Crowd Plaza Fiesta Festivities Plaza Fiesta Activities

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Alexander Shunnarah Attorney – Blade Thompson Selected for GA LEAD Program

Georgia Trial Lawyers Association Selects 2015-2016 LEAD Program Class ATLANTA – The Georgia Trial Lawyers Association has announced the selections for the 2015-2016 Leadership Education & Advanced Direction (LEAD) Program Class. Now entering its third year, the widely-acclaimed LEAD Program serves to train and equip GTLA members who have been identified as potential leaders in the Association with the necessary tools to take the next steps in their legal careers, both in and out of the courtroom. In order to qualify, applicants must have less than 10 years of legal practice experience or be 35 years of age or younger. After an exhaustive application review and selection process, 16 attorneys were chosen to participate in the 2015-2016 GTLA LEAD Program. They are as follows:  

  • Lisa Bobb
    • Morgan & Morgan, Atlanta
  • Gino Brogdon
    • The Brogdon Firm, Atlanta
  • Alexandra “Sachi” Cole
    • Parks, Chesin & Walbert, Atlanta
  • Andrew Conn
    • Savage, Turner & Pinckney, Savannah
  • Bethaney Embry
    • The Embry Law Firm, Douglasville
  • Angela Fox
    • The Summerville Firm, Atlanta
  • Alexander Hoffspiegel
    • Hoffspiegel & Associates, Atlanta
  • Adam King
    • Nicholson Revell, Augusta
  • Thomas Lyman
    • The Mulholland Law Firm, Atlanta
  • Chadrick Mance
    • The Mance Law Group, Savannah
  • Kyle Moore
    • Lazenby Law Group, Gainesville
  • Robert “Wesley” Starrett
    • Law Office of Jack Clay, Douglasville
  • Linton “Blade” Thompson
    • Alexander Shunnarah Georgia, Atlanta
  • Matthew T. Wilson
    • Princethal & May, Sandy Springs
  • Matthew Wilson
    • Barnes Law Group, Marietta
  • Sharon Zinns
    • Levy Konisberg, Atlanta
  “For three years now, the GTLA LEAD Program has helped identify many of the best and brightest young lawyers in our state and prepare them for long and successful careers as leaders in the courtroom, their communities and our Association. I am proud to see that tradition continue with the selection of this year’s class,” remarked Darren Penn, President of the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association. “The qualifications of this year’s applicants were remarkable, and I am eager to work alongside this outstanding group of young leaders throughout this year’s program and for many years to come.”  The 2015-2016 LEAD Program will consist of six sessions, and begins on November 20-21 in Athens, Georgia. The program concludes with graduation at the GTLA Annual Convention & President’s Gala in Atlanta on April 28-29, 2016. Sessions will also take place in Savannah and Macon, as well as at the State Capitol and the Georgia Judicial Building. "As graduates of the GTLA LEAD Program, we have seen first-hand the profound and lasting effects that the program can have on members’ legal careers,” continued LEAD Program Co-Chairs Jennifer Coalson and Yvonne Godfrey. “The stellar qualifications, diversity of experience and impressive professional backgrounds of this year’s applicants not only made the selection process quite difficult, but also reassured us that this program will continue to thrive for many years to come. With rising stars like these climbing the ranks of GTLA, the future of our Association is brighter than ever." Read more about Blade here. Blade Thompson - Headshot   About GTLA: Founded in 1956, the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association (GTLA) is dedicated to strengthening and upholding Georgia’s Civil Justice System and protecting Georgia citizens’ Constitutional Right to Trial by Jury.

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#NolesBlockParty – Friday Night Block Party

Hey y’all! Come join us for the Friday Night block party at Kleman Plaza along with Fresh Country 103.1 The Wolf in Tallahassee. We will be there this and every Friday night there is a “Seminoles” home game. Come by and pick up your swag bag!  Alexander Shunnarah & Associates supports Florida State Football! #NolesBlockParty “THE ATTORNEYS OF TOMORROW, HERE FOR YOU TODAY!’ demo-for-web fl-state-girls-for-web girl-with-balloon-for-web group-shot-with-girls-for-web balcony-image-for-web balloons-for-web booth-photo-for-web crowd-shot-for-web

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Frannisha B. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"Thank you Mr. Johnson for all your help and support throughout this case. Me and Indya appreciate all of your hard work."

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Christopher G. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"Damian Zimmerman, Dominick and Jeb are the greatest around. They were on the ball with our lawsuit, very respectful, easy to get along with and joke around with. I would recommend them to anyone in need do to accident victims, social security or any other legal needs. They will always be in our mind if ever in need of anything."

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Skyler M. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"Very, very good law firm. Will work with them anytime."

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Nathaniel W. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"I have really enjoyed working with this firm. They fought to get me the best and I got the best. To anyone who needs an accident lawyer, the Shunnarah firm is the way to go. Thanks."

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Barry C. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"I received great representation from Mr. Anthony Shunnarah. If needed, I will use this firm in the future. Thank you!"

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Murresha M. & Jordin M. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"I really appreciated how fast the initial response was to my accident. I'm overall happy with my service. Everyone was very nice and easy to talk to. I would recommend their services to anyone I know. I appreciate all the help and effort." Testimonial-Photo---murresha-and-jordin

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Keierra P. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"Very good service. Fast, professional and friendly. Thank you Anthony and staff."

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Owen W. & Glenda C. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"Good. Accommodating. Complete customer care in the end."

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Karlos B. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"I am very pleased with the service I've received with Alexander Shunnarah. Thanks Emily!"

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Anthony B. – Premises

"I appreciate the work of my lawyer Joseph Oaks and the Shunnarah Law Firm. I am greatly pleased with the help and support of them." Client Testimonial Photo - Anthony Brockett

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Shaun G. – Motor Vehicle Accident

“I was very satisfied with the services of Alexander Shunnarah and staff.” Testimonial-Photo-Lashanda-A-Johnson-e1436197915101

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Tamelia & Alisha M. – Personal Injury

"I was treated very well. My calls were returned almost immediately every time by Damian or his assistant. I felt more like a friend rather than a client. Much thanks. Will refer."

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Sandra D. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"They took good care of me and stayed on top of my case and I appreciate them taking my case. Thank you!"

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Concheda H. – Personal Injury

"Very professional. Kept in contact and worked really quickly." Testimonial-Photo---conchenda-for-web

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Lorna N. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"The firm has done what they said they would. They told me they would take care of all my legal things."

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Mitchell H. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"Joe Oaks did outstanding. In court I perceived that the bankruptcy judge was tough and very thorough. But Joe and your firm filled out all the paperwork correctly and my case was approved by that judge in a matter of minutes. Great job!" Testimonial-Photo---mitchell-hicks-for-web

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Robert D. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"I am very happy with the outcome. If I ever need you all in a case, I will call on you again."

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Tijuana M. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"Thanks so much for doing exactly as I asked."

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Hip Hop Week Kicks Off!

Alexander Shunnarah is proud to sponsor Mobile's 8th annual Alabama Hip Hop Week, a week long fundraising celebration of Hip Hop culture. The event's organizer, Kalenski Adams, created this week-long event to help educate the local community about the Hip Hop music business, however efforts quickly expanded to engage the entire community in a celebration of culture and fundraising efforts. Alabama Hip Hop Week is celebrated with series of community outreach events, educational seminars, live performances, nightlife entertainment and networking opportunities. The event lineup includes something for every age group and interest, families and youth. Check out the schedule of events below or visit the Alabama Hip Hop Week website for more details. Join us all week. #‎AlabamaHipHopWeek‬ Be sure not to miss a first-time LIVE public performance on Dauphin St. in downtown Mobile, this Friday July 10th! AHHW-O-Poster-for-web

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Lashanda J. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"This firm was very concerned, they helped me get the cash I need to replace my car. Then they took care of my other needs. Always answered the phone when I called. They were very patient with me when I had questions. They walked me through the whole process stress free. Mr. Joe Oaks 'Rocks!'" Testimonial-Photo---Lashanda-A--Johnson

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Shaquille H. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"Mr. Scott is a very nice man, everything I needed to know he told me and always let me know what was going on at all times and thanks for everything you guys did for me."

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Shantia B. – Premises

"Jo Oaks took his time and handled my case with care. I am completely satisfied. Thanks Jo."

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Shenikka T. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"I would like to take this time to say thank you to Mr. Joe Oak at the office of Alexander Shunnarah for all the work you did for me. I'm very greatful."

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Ronald K. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"Ever since Damian took my son's case, he's been awesome. He did everything in his power, legally, to get my son compensated for his case. His assistant Dominick was also very helpful in working on the case. Alexander Shunnarah & Associates really rocks, I wouldn't trade them for the world."

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Stacey G. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"My experience with Alexander Shunnarah has been most pleasant. Everyone was so kind and helpful. This was my first and only experience with a lawyer. I would highly recommend them if you find yourself in a situation needing their services. Damian Zimmerman, Jeb and Dominick were fantastic to work with in Pensacola, FL."

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Reginald M. – Personal Injury

"I appreciate Alexander Shunnarah Law Firm for assisting me with my claim. It was a long run but I made it."

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Curtis M. – Motor Vehicle Accident

"I, Curtis M., appreciate the service you provided to me from day one. When I obtained your service you answered all questions that I had and was always available when I needed to talk about my case. Scott Soutullo you're the best and keep the good work up. I was very pleased with the settlement and was truthful with all information that was given and thank you again."

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Gary Finch Meet and Greet @ Felix’s

The Alexander Shunnarah Gulf Coast LLP, would like to invite Gulf Coast residents to meet and greet Gary Finch of Gary Finch Outdoors. Gary Finch Outdoors presents hunting and fishing as a family affair. Come on out and learn from the best! Light buffet on us. This Saturday, May 23rd - Click here for more details.

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Mobile Bar Association Hotline Going Strong

The Law Day Help Line is a joint effort between WPMI-TV in Mobile, AL and the Mobile Bar Association where callers are able to receive free legal advice.  Alexander Shunnarah Gulf Coast's own, Russell Johnson and Ian Brendel from the office in Mobile, AL helped callers during the afternoon of May 5, 2015. Ian Brendel fielded phone calls from callers from 12PM to 2PM, and Russell Johnson fielded calls from 2 PM to 5 PM.

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Countdown to Hangout FREE Concert Series

Alexander Shunnarah is excited to announce upcoming FREE concert series at the Hangout in Gulf Shores.  Check out the bands, dates and details here.

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Blues Spring Fling is Back Again

Join us at The Fairgrounds on April 4, 2015 for Blues Original Spring Fling featuring a southern soul concert with the genre’s hottest artists. Check out the lineup here »

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Reach for the Beach! Shunnarah Sponsors 2015 Hangout Contest

Enter for your chance to win here »    

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Shunnarah sponsors the 14th Annual 95KSJ Kruise for St. Jude

Some of our favorite pictures from Kruise for St. Jude event on March 29th.  Over 100 riders turned up for the event to support the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Learn More here »

Kruise for St. Jude Table - Joseph Oaks 0329151253
Line of Bikes - Kruise for St. Jude0329151145g
Riders in Wait - Kruise for St. Jude 0329151147d  

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Gulfport, Mississippi Speaking Event

Emily Fertig, Mississippi Associate out of Gulfport, MS office, attended an event last night in Coastal Mississippi where MS Court of Appeals Judge, Judge Ishee, spoke to Gulf Coast Attorneys.

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Alexander Shunnarah named King of Lundi Gras for Mobile, AL Mardi Gras 2015!

That's right, Alex is Mobile’s 2015 King of Lundi Gras. Our firm will parade on February 16, 2015 @ 7:00 PM in Downtown Mobile   1 2   Alex will ride with his wife and three daughters in the King Float, and our firm Attorneys and Staff will ride in another 14 person float. 7 5 Our firm is sponsoring the 1920s themed Ball for our parade that will occur after the parade on February 16, 2015 – see the article for details. and to learn more about the January 22, 2015 event held at Bienville Beads on Airport Blvd., in Mobile, AL, honoring Alex as the King of Lundi Gras 2015. 4  3  

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Meet-And-Greet with Alex @ New Office in Mobile, AL

Mobile, AL Meet-and-Greet: A Fun Way to Commemorate Opening of New Gulf Coast Law Firm

Alexander Shunnarah & Associates hosted a successful meet-and-greet for friends and business partners on January 21, 2015 from 7-9 p.m. to commemorate the opening of our new Mobile, AL office. Our attorneys and business associates traveled from Biloxi, MS, Birmingham, AL, and Pensacola, FL to attend the event, which was extremely well-received. Everyone in attendance enjoyed the open bar and food catered by Moe’s BBQ. The meet-and-greet proved to be a wonderful celebration of opening an additional office for our Gulf Coast law firm, as well as an amazing opportunity to further become a part of the Mobile, AL community. Alexander Shunnarah & Associates is a premier personal injury law firm serving Pensacola, FL, Gulfport, MS, Panama City, FL and now Mobile, AL. With over 40 years of collective trial and litigation experience, we can provide our clients with exceptional legal advice and extensive knowledge of personal injury claims and lawsuits. Our areas of practice include motor vehicle accidents, wrongful deaths, workers’ compensation, and more. We answer the call to serve and recognize that we have a duty to those wrongfully injured in the Gulf Coast. Our lawyers believe it to be their responsibility to see that the civil justice system compensates injured individuals. Our new Mobile office is located at 204 Conti Street, 1E, Mobile, AL 36602. The 4th Annual Argo Invitational mock trial, sponsored by Stetson University College of Law, was held on Saturday, January 17, 2015. Students, licensed attorneys, and judges came together to participate in the collegiate mock trial competition held in the mock trial courtroom at the University of West Florida. Each year, The Argo Invitational hosts a mock trial competition for university undergrads. In this event, college students serve as mock attorneys and professional attorneys such as Alexander Shunnarah & Associates managing partner and associates James T. Laura, Jr. (licensed in Florida and Alabama), Joseph Oaks (licensed in Alabama), and Brian Connors (licensed in Florida) serve to judge the students' performance. This annual mock trial offers students the opportunity to develop their critical thinking skills and legal strategies in a realistic, on-campus courtroom setting. By using high-impact experiences, the Argo Invitational sets out to benefit team members during their time in law school and well beyond into their careers. The tournament typically consists of a two-day competition and four trial rounds that are judged by local attorneys and judges. In the past, teams have come from universities and colleges from neighboring cities such as Auburn University, Millsaps College, University of Alabama, University of South Florida, and the Mississippi University for Women. This year’s competition included teams from the University of Florida and the University of Alabama. At our 204 Conti Street, 1E, Mobile, AL 36602 location.  Wednesday, January 21, 2015: Meet-And-Greet-with-Alex---Wednesday-January-21-2015---7PM Friends and business partners of the firm were invited to attend a Meet-And-Greet with Alexander Shunnarah and Associates at the firm’s new Mobile office. 4 Attorneys and business partners traveled from Gulfport/Biloxi, MS, Mobile, AL, Pensacola, FL and Birmingham, AL to attend the event. 2 7 The event was extremely well attended and received.

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New Alexander Shunnarah personal injury law practice stakes downtown Mobile claim »

33 Check out the story here »

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Birmingham law firm expands to Gulf Coast :: Birmingham News Journal

mobile Check out the story here » 

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4th Annual Argo Invitational Mock Trial

On Saturday, January 17, 2015 Managing Partner James T. Laura, Jr. (licensed in Florida and Alabama) and Associates Joseph Oaks (Licensed in Alabama) and Brian Connors (Licensed in Florida) served as judges for the 4th Annual Argo Invitational collegiate mock trial competition held at the University of West Florida. 1 The Argo Invitational hosts university undergraduate teams for a mock trial competition in which the college students serve as mock attorneys and actual attorneys and judges serve to judge the students’ performance as attorneys. This year’s competition included teams from the University of Florida and the University of Alabama.       3 \        

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