Meet Our Associate in Florida


  • Florida State University College of Law – Tallahassee, Florida, JD
  • • Article Editor on the FSU Law Review Volume 41

    • Student Bar Association

    • Business Review

    • LitiGATORS

    • Graduated with Honors

  • University of Florida – Gainesville, Florida, BS – Economics
  • • Children Beyond Our Borders

    • Intramural Flag Football – Gator Escort Service

    • Graduated with Honors


  • Associate

    Represents plaintiffs in claims and litigation in areas of law such as personal injury, workers’ compensation, and premises liability.

  • Certified Legal Intern

    Represented indigent clients charged with misdemeanors and criminal traffic violations in Florida’s Second Judicial Circuit; analyzed case law and discovery documents; advised clients, conducted plea negotiations, and entered plea agreements; conducted jury trials, motion hearings, and sentencing hearings.

  • Law Clerk

    Researched, analyzed, and drafted memoranda regarding various commercial law and bankruptcy issues; drafted pleadings and correspondence; attended hearings, depositions, and client meetings.

  • FERRY & FERRY, PC – Pensacola, Florida
  • Law Clerk

    Researched, analyzed, and drafted memoranda regarding family and criminal law issues; drafted motions and correspondence; attended depositions; organized and maintained client files.


  • Book Award –Award for Highest Course Grade in White Collar Crime
  • Florida State University College of Law

  • Book Award –Award for Highest Course Grade in Bankruptcy
  • Florida State University College of Law

  • Dean’s List – Six Semesters
  • Florida State University College of Law

  • Dean’s List – Five Semesters
  • University of Florida




Brian Patrick Connors was born and raised in Pensacola, Florida. He began his education at Pine Meadow Elementary School, continued it at Helen Caro Elementary School, and then proceeded to Jim C. Bailey Middle School. While attending Bailey Middle School, Brian found his first passion – football. With the support of his loving parents, Linda Howard and Thomas Connors, Brian played on the Myrtle Grove Green football team.

Brian continued pursuing his passion, as well as exploring the variety of technical fields available at West Florida High School in Pensacola, Florida. Brian excelled on and off the football field – lettering his sophomore, junior, and senior years and eventually graduating with a 4.68 GPA – enough to earn him a final class rank of 3rd in a class of over 250 students.

Following graduation, Brian moved to Gainesville, Florida to attended The University of Florida. While working full-time, Brian originally decided to pursue a degree in the field of psychology, as he was always fascinated in figuring out why and how people make the decisions they do. However, a turning point in came in Brian’s sophomore year when he took Professor Mark Rush’s Microeconomics class – economic theory provided Brian with many of the social science intricacies as psychology, but supplemented it with numbers, risks, and percentages, which is more consistent with Brian’s strong mathematical background.

Though Brian had found another passion in economics that he felt strongly about, he was still unsure what career path laid before him – perhaps a teacher, doctor, or accountant? And then he joined the non-profit group Children Beyond Our Borders (CBOB). Brian had always thought he could be in a position to help those who needed it, and CBOB was the perfect organization for Brian to do just that. CBOB’s mission statement is “Every child, regardless of social status, race or gender, deserves a proper education. Every child deserves to live a stable life without barriers and without fear. Every child deserves to dream – and to dream big. Every child deserves a brighter future – a future that breaks boundaries and goes beyond borders.” While volunteering at CBOB, Brian helped develop educational workshops to be implemented by the volunteers on their mission trip to Medellin, Columbia. The CBOB team traveled to South America where they visited an orphanage almost every day, in an effort to provide them with fun, educational activities, assistance with their homework, and just a reminder that there were people out there who care about them. It was an eye-opening experience for Brian; when he returned to the United States, he decided that his career would focus on those who need help. During Brian’s senior year at The University of Florida, after much research and deliberation, Brian decided to pursue a career as an attorney.

Brian began matriculating at the Florida State College of Law in the fall of 2011. Again, Brian excelled academically in the variety of courses while at FSU, where he eventually graduated in the top 10% of his class. However, one course was more impactful than any other – the Criminal Practice Clinic taught by Professor Krieger. This clinic prepared students to be ready for all stages of a criminal case – pre-trial motions, plea bargaining, trial, and post-trial work. This clinic prepared students for the actual practice of law, as opposed to the heavy amounts of theory taught in other courses. Professor Krieger’s teaching style is now embedded in a lot of his students, including Brian. He emphasized being professional, prepared, and performing well in all aspects of the law that you can control. Following the Criminal Practice Clinic, Brian was a Certified Legal Intern (CLI) at the Gadsden County Public Defender’s Office, where he worked under the supervision of Matthew Williams. Though still enrolled in school, Brian worked full-time alongside Matt and handled all aspects of criminal cases, including trial work. This externship allowed Brian to gain invaluable litigation experience before earning his J.D. or taking the Florida Bar.

After graduating from the Florida State University College of Law in May 2014, Brian temporarily moved back to Pensacola to study for the Florida Bar. That summer, Brian interviewed with James T. Laura, Jr., the managing partner of Alexander Shunanrah Gulf Coast, LLP. The firm was a natural fit for Brian – Alexander Shunnarah & Associates is a modern, forward-thinking law firm, who advocates for plaintiffs that have suffered an injury, often due the negligence and/or wrongdoing of another. Brian accepted an offer of employment and began working at the firm’s Panama City office in August of 2014.