Five Mistakes That Can Jeopardize a Workers’ Comp Claim

Don't let a simple mistake cause you to miss out on the money you deserve. Avoid doing these five things that can cost you your workers' comp case.

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Understanding the Difference Between Wrongful Death and Homicide

Differentiating between a homicide charge and a charge of wrongful death can be a confusing issue. In order to fully understand both separate charges, here are a few simple differences between the two.

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Important Updates in the Johnson & Johnson Powder Cancer Case

Recent court rulings prove that Johnson & Johnson baby powder has been linked to cases of ovarian cancer. See if you qualify for a class action lawyer.

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How to Support Someone After Sexual Assault

Although every victim of sexual assault has a different way of coping with the traumatic event, there are similar patterns of healing that can help a victim of sexual assault overcome the anguish caused by such an act. This article will delve into advice that may help comfort a victim of sexual assault by expressing care, empathy, and support for the victim.

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Teen Drinking and Driving in the United States: Statistics You Must See

Underage drinking continues to gnaw away at America’s youth, with about 11 million of those under the legal drinking age of twenty-one consuming alcohol. Nowhere are the consequences of underage alcohol consumption more apparent than on our roadways. The tragic statistics of accidents caused on our nation’s roads and highways due to underage drinking […]

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How and Why Laws Differ Between The States

Because they are separate sovereigns, all U.S. states can make their own laws. Extensive knowledge of these differences is required to prevent conflicts.

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