Alexander Shunnarah and Associates knows that navigating a workers’ compensation case can be an overwhelming task. To make sure you can truly be the most successful in your workers’ compensation case, it is imperative that you seek advice from an experienced attorney who knows what to do.

The following mistakes can hurt a case and end up costing a lot of money.

Failure to Document the Incident

After a work-related injury, the injured party should immediately file an injury report with the insurance company that represents the employer. This report should contain as many details as possible, even those that seem insignificant. The events that led up to the accident, how the accident occurred, and what actions were taken immediately after the incident can all be important parts in establishing a good claim.

Along with tracking this documentation, it is also important to keep a record of any symptoms that occur after the incident. Also, be sure to keep copies of any costs incurred for treatment of the injury and get copies of medical records after every doctor’s appointment, as an attorney will likely need them before a trial.

Overstating or Downplaying Symptoms

Once a claim has been filed, insurance companies sometimes employ private investigators to see if they can catch the injured parties engaged in strenuous activity. By catching an injured party in such an act, the insurance can prove that the party was in fact not as injured as they are claiming and this can result in a case’s dismissal.

Although an injured party does not want to claim any false injuries, failure to describe all symptoms and injuries can lead to a misdiagnosis. Even if a detail seems unimportant, it may signal an underlying physical problem, so be honest about pre-existing conditions, for these will not necessarily devalue a case.

Only Seeing the Company Doctors

After a work-related injury, the company may try to send the injured party to the company’s physician network. Many people believe that they must use these company’s doctors. However, every patient has the right to see his or her personal doctor and to seek a second opinion. The injured person should get an independent medical evaluation by a physician he or she trusts.

Not Following Doctor’s Orders

Certainly, following medical advice is important to prevent further injury. Moreover, if the patient ignores a doctor’s orders for restrictions or follow-up treatment, the insurance company can argue that the injury was not as severe as claimed. Therefore, it is important to stick to the ordered treatment and comply with the doctor’s advice.

Not Hiring an Attorney

The legal system is complicated, and insurance companies may try to use confusing tactics. Alexander Shunnarah is an experienced personal injury attorney who can help make the process easier. Call today for a free evaluation.