When Jacqueline Fox successfully argued that she contracted ovarian cancer through years of consistent Johnson & Johnson baby powder use, she caught the attention of thousands of women who had used the product in a similar manner. After a jury awarded her ten million dollars in compensatory damages and an additional sixty-two million dollars in punitive damages, other women who also felt this product had negatively affected them followed suit. If you believe that using Johnson & Johnson baby powder products has injured you, this article can inform if you are able to take action against this company with a class action lawyer and seek justice for the damage their product has caused.

What is a Class Action Lawsuit?

In the case of Johnson & Johnson baby powder, a class action suit has been filed against the company. Class action lawsuits can be complex, and it is often beneficial to understand how they work in our legal system. First, a class action lawyer files a lawsuit when there is the belief that a common entity, company, or product has harmed multiple people in the same fashion. Thus, when a single individual joins in a class actions lawsuit, they become part of a represented class of other affected individuals against the same defendant. Since baby powder is a popular consumer item, used for a variety of reasons, many people feel that this product has affected them. These individuals have taken part against Johnson & Johnson, complaining that their health has all similarly been harmed by the use of baby powder. These similar complaints have led to the class action suit that is currently being litigated against the company.

Developing Research

In properly developing a strong case to bring a class action suit, diligent investigating and research are vital. In researching the Johnson & Johnson issue, one study found that perineal talc, a key ingredient in baby powder, increases the risk of ovarian cancer by 33%. With this study in mind, it has been argued that Johnson & Johnson is responsible for warning its consumers about any potential adverse health effects and they have failed to do so. By Jacqueline Fox setting the precedent that Johnson & Johnson was responsible for contributing to her health concerns, a solid foundation for a class action suit against the company has been laid, where many other users of the product have joined together to receive similar compensation.

What’s Next?

Experts estimate that thousands of other women could be at risk from heavy powder use over decades of time, and many are turning to committed class action lawyers to get proper justice.

Alexander Shunnarah & Associates have extensive experience acting as class action lawyers. We get to know the history of our clients, the case, and how we can effectively fight for their representation and compensation in court. If you believe you have complications due to the use of the Johnson & Johnson baby powder products, contact our office today.