In 1997, the state of Georgia faced an alarmingly high rate of automobile-related fatalities among its residents. In a valiant effort to combat these deadly statistics, Georgia promptly enacted TADRA, or the Teenage & Adult Driver Responsibility Act in Georgia. Focusing on preventing automobile-related fatalities in the near future, TADRA focuses on major driver issues to increase safety on the road. These issues include laws and regulations regarding the proper experience needed to legally drive an automobile, stricter punishments for driving while intoxicated, and harsher penalties for driving at excessive speeds. The effects of this law are far-reaching, and although TADRA has campaigned to make the roadways of Georgia safer, its ramifications can have serious legal impacts all residents should be aware of.

Understanding the Basics

One hallmark of TADRA that Georgia drivers should be mindful of is the graduated licensing program for minors. Under this program, certain driving rights are given to teenage drivers starting at age the age of sixteen. Additionally, as long as the driver continuously obeys the laws under TADRA, these rights continue to expand. Along with this licensing program, TADRA has also created stricter policies in regards to the legal blood-alcohol content (BAC) level one must comply with while operating an automobile. The levels established by TADRA vary depending on the driver’s age. For example, drivers under twenty-one are considered intoxicated if they register at 0.02mg/dL on the BAC scale, while driver’s that have reached the legal drinking age are considered intoxicated if they register at 0.08mg/dL.

Understanding Your Rights

Another hallmark of TADRA deals with the zero tolerance policy the law has for underage, impaired drivers. Although this policy is a lesser known aspect of TADRA, its consequences can be very severe. Under this policy, licenses are automatically revoked when a driver under the legal drinking age of twenty-one is found to be impaired behind the wheel. Along with the automatic revocation of the driver’s license, these teenagers and their parents can face harsh penalties in court. Therefore, it is important for both teenage and adult drivers to understand the rights afforded to them when they are behind the wheel. Understanding these rights can be greatly beneficial in all aspects of legal claims, including a driver’s right to seek further justice by hiring an auto accident attorney.

Understanding Auto Accident Law

TADRA also has rules regarding vehicular accidents. These rules can be strict; therefore, in the unfortunate event of an accident, the driver should contact a car accident attorney as soon as possible. In relation to TADRA, contacting the proper attorney can help drivers who may be subject to other harsh provisions of the law to build valuable defenses, such as obtaining photographs, recorded notes, and statements from witness and police. Without understanding these certain rights afforded to the driver and the importance an attorney can be in these matters, the driver may wrongfully have their license revoked and be subject to harsh penalties.


Ultimately, arming oneself with knowledge of the law and a qualified car accident attorney can prevent undue revocation or probation under the legal reach of TADRA. By meeting with a legal team, you are preparing yourself with the knowledge needed to protect the rights afforded to you under the law.

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