Catastrophic injuries are life-changing events. They can happen during the course of regular life, or they can be the result of a crime, a large-scale accident, or a workplace injury. Often, the results of these injuries do much more than cause pain to the one injured. The residual effects of a catastrophic injury can change the course of the lives of loved ones, as they are left to handle the issues that result due to needed care. A personal injury attorney can help those injured in a traumatic event work through all of the issues associated with their injury and negotiate the compensation needed to maintain a high level of care throughout life.

Steps to Take

Catastrophic injuries often involve the head and spine. These injuries are debilitating and costly, with far-reaching consequences. Lifelong cost of care for those suffering from traumatic brain injury or spinal cord injury can easily approach the million-dollar mark. This care goes long past hospitalization and can include rehabilitation services and the use of specialized medical equipment, medication or devices, as well as home or vehicle modifications and caregiving allowances.

Future health care costs are difficult to argue in these cases. Without the help of personal injury law firms, those injured, as well as their families, are left to suffer without the needed funds for care. Insurance companies are eager to settle these cases because large lump sums seem inviting to families who are experiencing the realities of high levels of care. These sums, however, are most likely far below what will be needed to maintain quality of life for a patient who has undergone a traumatic injury and event.

Working with a Lawyer

Personal injury cases require meticulous documentation and the help of a compassionate personal injury attorney. Alexander Shunnarah & Associates has worked with a number of people involved in catastrophic injury cases. Our law office knows that the legal aspects of the case are often put on the back burner by family members who are working for a health care solution and looking only at immediate needs.

With the help of an Alexander Shunnarah & Associates personal injury attorney, your claim will receive the attention and compensation needed to move forward with the least amount of interruptions. Call today learn more.