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At Alexander Shunnarah & Associates, our personal injury attorneys work diligently to help injured people in Mobile, AL, Gulfport, MS, Nashville, TN, Atlanta and Macon, GA, and Gainesville, Tallahassee, Pensacola, Miami and Panama City, FL, recover the financial resources they need for their medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, and to move forward with their lives. Our attorneys are equipped to represent injured clients of all natures:

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Wrongful Death (medical malpractice, workplace accidents, fires/explosions)
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Workers Compensation
  • Social Security Disability
  • Product Liability and Toxic Torts

Our goal at Alexander Shunnarah & Associates is to restore justice to the wronged. We are at your service with our talent, our resources, and our experience. Utilizing our combined years of trial and litigation experience, we will work tirelessly to ensure that you get the compensation and justice you deserve. An accident can traumatize you, and Alabama’s personal injury law is quite complex. Rather than handling it alone, please select our experienced attorneys to fight for the outcome you deserve.

With lawyers licensed in multiple states, the personal injury attorneys at Alexander Shunnarah & Associates are committed to fighting tenaciously for your case. Every person who has suffered a personal injury can depend upon our law firm to ensure you are compensated for your legitimate physical and financial pain and suffering. As your advocates, we will fight for your rights and protect your interests.

At Alexander Shunnarah & Associates in Mobile, AL, Gulfport, MS, Atlanta and Macon, GA, and Gainesville, Tallahassee, Pensacola and Panama City, FL, the most rewarding aspect of what we do is our ability to help people achieve their goals. That’s why we never give up without a fight.

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Damian Zimmerman and his crew took very good care of me. I have no complaints about anything to do with my case. I would definitely recommend this law firm to anyone in need with a case. They were awesome to me and will take care of the next person with no doubt in my mind. Thank you.
Allen S., Motor Vehicle Accident
I was very happy with my services and would recommend Alexander Shunnarah to anybody.
Letecha L., Premises
I was very satisfied with the work you all have done for me helping me out with my case. I didn’t know what I was going to do after the wreck, but you have been a big time help. I really appreciate everything and all your services.
Kenitra C., Motor Vehicle Accident
I would like to thank the Shunnarah Firm for fighting and winning for my son Evan. Joe Oaks has been very caring and kind throughout this experience. Thank you so much for your service.
Evan T., Motor Vehicle Accident
The services of this law firm are outstanding and I would refer this firm to anyone.
Charles J. & Family, Motor Vehicle Accident
Thanks. I needed your help. If I need you again I will call.
Darryl H., Motor Vehicle Accident
It was a tough road, but I appreciate all that Alexander Shunnarah firm has done. Emily really rocks! Thanks for everything.
Tanika W., Motor Vehicle Accident
Brian Connors and his assistant have helped me so much. After two years with a previous attorney that I had they settled my case within a month. They are amazing. They truly changed my life. THANK YOU!
Christina K., Motor Vehicle Accident
I was informed of what was going on with my case. I’m pleased with Mr. Oaks and the firm.
Nadean T., Motor Vehicle Accident
Thank you very much for your work on my case. I most appreciate your open communication and prompt return of phone calls. Thanks again to Dominick and Damian for all your effort and hard work.
Tamara B., Motor Vehicle Accident
Great job on all parts.
John H., Motor Vehicle Accident
I want to thank Mr. Joseph Oaks and Alexander Shunnarah Law Firm. I’m very satisfied in my case and Mr. Oaks did a great job always returning my calls and keeping me informed on the case.
Adrienne C., Motor Vehicle Accident
I, Veronica S., state that Alexander Shunnarah Law Firm handled my case in a timely and professional manner. I will use their law firm again. Thank for your service.
Veronica S., Motor Vehicle Accident
The service was wonderful. I was kept updated with the information and if I ever need a lawyer again, you will be the first I call.
Quintez T., Motor Vehicle Accident
Very satisfied. Thanks very much.
Roosevelt B., Motor Vehicle Accident
Very helpful through entire process. I would encourage anyone to seek your services.
Seldom C., Premises Liability
Thanks for your services, you were very responsive and professional, really appreciate.
Gregory P., Motor Vehicle Accident
I really appreciate everything and showing concern with my child and his injuries.
Daveyon F., Motor Vehicle Accident
I, Lisa H., thank all parties and am happy with everything they have done for me and my family while I was injured from this. Thank you Mr. Joe Oaks for everything.
Lisa H., Motor Vehicle Accident
The service was excellent. Thank you for all your hard work. I would recommend you to anyone else who has a need.
Leola D., Motor Vehicle Accident
I think Alexander Shunnarah law firm is a great firm to deal with in case of any accidents.
Quinas J., Motor Vehicle Accident
I thank you for a job well done and appreciate your help.
Muata Z., Motor Vehicle Accident
Thanks for doing such a good job and for always being available to answer my questions.
Colton M., Worker's Compensation
Mr. Scott did a very good job, he was very helpful and he worked with me in a good way he is an outstanding attorney, and I am really thankful for his help. I encourage others to find a good attorney like Mr.Scott who can communicate with his client and handle business the way he does. It was a blessing to have him as my attorney. Thanks!
Demetrius W., Motor Vehicle Accident
Very professional law firm. Quick in getting a case finished. Also, quick in getting you your entitlements. Thanks for your service.
Stanley N., Motor Vehicle Accident
A big thank you to Damian and the entire firm for doing their best to resolve my case.
Mary N., Motor Vehicle Accident
Great service. No problems at all.
Brian C., Motor Vehicle Accident
Was very satisfied with all the attention and dedication of the Gulfport team.
Vincent B., Motor Vehicle Accident
Great service. No problems at all.
Brian C., Motor Vehicle Accident
In November I went into The Jack Restaurant in Bessemer, AL to buy coffee and a biscuit. I went to get coffee but water was on the floor running from under the rug and I slipped and fell. That was what happened, and I appreciate being able to use Alexander Shunnarah as my lawyer and Joseph Oaks. Thank you for being my lawyer.
Ive G., Premises
Alexander Shunnarah was an excellent lawyer on my behalf and if I ever have any problems they would be my first choice.
Yolanda S., Motor Vehicle Accident
I would like to thank you for all of the work that you did on my case, I was pleased with everyone involved in the case. If I know anyone who needs your services I will definitely recommend you.
William C., Motor Vehicle Accident
Alexander Shunnarah was an excellent lawyer, great job at what he does, advertisement is great.
Stacy M., Motor Vehicle Accident
You did a good job.
Richard K., Motor Vehicle Accident
Thank you for your service; we will recommend your service to others.
“Michael, Motor Vehicle Accident
Great Attorney.
Michael B., Motor Vehicle Accident
I’m happy with Patrick Montgomery and Damian,they did an awesome job on everything!
Jennifer W., Motor Vehicle Accident
Did a good job.
Antwon B., Motor Vehicle Accident
Patrick was a good lawyer. He is on point and I will use him again.
Kevin B., Motor Vehicle Accident
I was very pleased with the way that Alexander Shunnarah Gulf Coast handled my case. I believe they were pretty straight forward and honest. I also like that they do follow up with you.
Gerron B., Motor Vehicle Accident
Best lawyers ever. Keep up the good work and if I ever need to do business it will be with Alexander Shunnarah.
Yolanda M., Motor Vehicle Accident
They were very good with me. Will use them again if I have to in the long run, and if I know anybody else that will need a lawyer I will tell them about Alexander Shunnarah.
Angela W., Motor Vehicle Accident
Great team. Hard-working and fast at getting me in.I was very pleased with the way they treated me like I was top priority. They were fast at returning my calls too!
Doris K., Motor Vehicle Accident
My lawyer did very well on my case and I am alright with the outcome.
Horace P., Motor Vehicle Accident
Be sure to call on you again.
Michael F., Motor Vehicle Accident
Always very patient with me in any questions I asked. Also, never misled me with anything regarding the case upfront. I very much appreciate you guys and your help with my medical expenses.  
Keaira H., Premises Liability
Mr. Zimmerman was such a big help and he was really excellent and he made sure he helped me the best way he could and also made sure that he kept me up to date with everything that was going on and I really appreciate everyone at the Alexander Shunnarah Group. They are amazing.  
Kendra C., Motor Vehicle Accident
They were a great help and I will certainly come back if needed.  
Michael W., Motor Vehicle Accident
They were very understanding and made me understand everything that was going on.  
Chasity A., Motor Vehicle Accident
Good job from start to finish.  
Johnny C., Motor Vehicle Accident
From the time I hired this law firm until the settlement, I was kept aware of how things were going with my case. Mr. Zimmerman always answered all of my questions personally and never made me feel rushed on the phone. He took time to explain everything and was always pleasant. I highly recommend this law firm to anyone who has a personal injury!  
Elaine A., Motor Vehicle Accident
Patrick was very professional and did a great job. Was very honest about a situation regarding some money owed. 
Tony H., Premises Liability
Pat did a great job. Would use him again if needed.  
Nick P., Accident
Very good. Thank you  
Harrell J., Motor Vehicle Accident
Job well done. I will recommend to others.  
Retha P., Motor Vehicle Accident
Thanks for everything. You guys are awesome. My family and I appreciate everything.  
Shawanda W., Motor Vehicle Accident